Power System Simulation is Our Passion

We ardently pursue power system modeling and simulation. It is an invaluable means for analyzing and understanding complex power system phenomena.  Power system simulators provide a safe and versatile test environment for innovating new technologies to make our grid more safe, reliable and economical.  We are proud to bring you the best power system simulation technologies in their class with our unique approach to delivering support, training and engineering services.
We believe in empowering our customers through open knowledge transfer at all levels of engagement including consulting projects. Network with Nayak.  Experience the difference!

Our expertise in power system modeling, simulation and studies covers a wide range of power engineering disciplines - power system protection, HVDC, FACTS, distributed and renewable energy resources, micro-grid, etc. We provide studies and testing services in addition to sales, technical support and training for power system simulators.

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Spitzenberger & Spies Power AmplifiersSpS 4-quadrant linear amplifiers with high precision built-in voltage and current feedback measurements are the best in the industry forpower hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) real-time studies using RTDS. RTDS Real Time HILDigital testbed using purpose-built parallel processing hardware and software to simulate electrical systems continuously in real time with precision I/O for control and power hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) studies. PSCAD Power System TransientsAlso known as EMTDC, it is the industry standard electromagnetic transient power system simulation program. It is used worldwide by professionals, researchers and students alike.DSA Tools Power Grid DynamicsThe next generation of power systems analysis tools, providing thorough understanding of system security to maintain stability.DSA Tools provide the complete tool set for power system modelling and operational studies including online DSA applications.DesignBase Power Plant DesignDesignBase is an essential power system design software with end-to-end functionalities for planning, design, analysis and optimization. Coupled with patented analytics and interfaces, it brings you the unique Power Digital Twin™. Simulators

World Class Power Systems Simulation Tools for
Design, Development and Testing

We are the sole representatives for PSCAD™, RTDS™ and SpS Amplifiers in the United States,

as well as for DSATools™ and DesignBase™ in India